Whether you began with the classic clear or your wrists are stacked with various colors of charities, Lokai bracelets have swept the nation. Representing the balance of life’s highs and lows, this bracelet dedicates 10% of net profits to giving back to various causes. So, where did they begin?

Steven Izen developed Lokai after an unexpected turn in his life, when his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It was the first time he felt helpless, knowing he would have to sit back and watch. After receiving this heartbreaking news, Steven found himself on the beach with family and friends. He wondered how some parts of his life could feel so aligned, while others were so broken. That’s when Lokai developed - a bracelet that encourages you to be humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows. Drawn to the earth itself and it’s natural highs and lows, Steven discovered the perfect representation for Lokai. Infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth, Lokai carries water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea on opposite ends. A string of clear beads connects the two to signify that throughout life’s continuous journey, your path is your own.

So, although life is marked by highs and lows, “without one, we could not appreciate the other. The Lokai bracelet is a constant reminder that no matter how far the scale tips in one direction, you should always strive for balance.” Lokai is a reminder that although life is not always easy, it’s how you process the difficult moments that matters.

No matter the setback, success or surprise, enjoy your story. Wherever your journey takes you, find your balance and live Lokai. Available in stores and online at www.shopapexoutfitter.com

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